Handmade One At a Time..
Here at Anglers Way my purpose is to hand
make and produce one of the finest quality
handmade cedar baits for the musky hunter
and lure collector available today...

Each Anglers Way lure is made by hand one
at a time staying within the guidelines and
specs of my own lathe turned original
prototypes. Although I strive to "duplicate"
all original hand made cedar blanks; every
lure made will have its own unique sound,
size and action because of the fact that
none of my blanks are ever copied.

All of my lure bodies are handmade and
lathe turned from 4C white cedar. Every
body is individually hand turned and never

I use solid stainless through-wiring and
solder close the ends on all of the lures and
also have a handmade stainless through
wire on most hook hangers. Stainless,
nickeled and brass props available in Classic
and Magnum sizes, premium blades, cups,
hook hangers are always used. Mustad
3551 trebles used on all lures as well as
stainless and brass screws with epoxy. 3d
plastic and glass eyes epoxied in on lures
with eyes not taped or stick on.

After lure bodies are lathed turned they get
hand sanded, floated and marked for
buoyancy, drilled out, hand sanded a
second time, 2x primed and then painted
with select gloss enamel paint which is then
topcoat sprayed with a hi-luster water
resistant enamel or hand rubbed with up to
four coats of Tru finishing oil.

Complete detail and quality for your fishing
adventure and investment.

Handmade One At a Time.......

Thanks for visiting, Tim
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